America continues to run a vicious cycle when it comes to mass casualty shootings. This cycle involves horrific shootings that take the lives of many, and leaves families shattered. Once the tragedy has taken place, people come together demanding better gun control. Even amid these demands, nothing is ever done to further prevent these tragedies from reoccurring. While it grows to be very frustrating when nothing is ever done, it’s important to keep pushing for this gun control. The only way that anything will ever take place is if the people continue to fight for this change.

Looking back at the history of mass casualty shootings in America, there is a clear need for better gun control. In October of 2017, the United States experienced the worst mass shooting in this nation’s history. The events that took place that day left 59 people dead, and over 500 injured. As if these events were not sad enough, rewinding further to June of 2016 in Orlando we lost 49 individuals in the Pulse Nightclub shooting. While both of these shootings took place in primarily adult venues, even children are not safe from these acts of violence. In December of 2012, one of the most devastating tragedies took place when 28 children and adults were gunned down in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

When looking at the gun laws and restrictions that have been implemented in other countries, statistics clearly show how effective they are. Australia is the primary example of how these types of bans are helpful in reducing mass casualty shootings such as what we face in the United States today. After a mass shooting that took 35 lives in Australia in 1996, the government banned automatic and semiautomatic firearms. Since this ban went into effect, Australia has not had a mass shooting since then. With such statistics backing up the success of these implementations, it continues to grow frustrating when nothing is ever done.

With the shootings that have taken place over the years, gun control is a huge topic of conversation. Even big names such as Jimmy Kimmel have made pleas on his late night talk show. Scrolling social media it’s apparent that there is growing frustration that there is no new legislation being passed.