Due to the increasing availability of guns, both legal and illegal, gun control is becoming more and more difficult to enforce. There have been numerous mass shootings in America that have all sparked a large debate on how to control the number of guns within the country. Many believe that there are too many guns in America to really make any effective changes while other believe that guns should be completely banned, which would be would go against the second amendment rights of all American civilians. Various countries, however, have proved that gun control laws can be effective when enforced properly.

After the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre Australia enforced its gun reform. Two weeks following the day of that April shooting, the Australian government created the National Agreement on Firearms and began a buyback program for guns. More than 650,000 guns were purchased by the buyback program. Though Australia’s strict gun control laws haven’t completely eliminated the number of guns that are in the country, there has been a large decline in the amount of gun-related fatalities and a complete absence of further mass shootings in the country.

Though Germany is a country whose citizens have a lot of guns, Germany does not frequently have mass shootings. Guns in Germany were banned for civilian use prior to 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall. After a 2002 mass shooting Germany quickly adjusted their gun laws and required all gun-owners under the age of 25 to take various personality tests and pass a psychiatric evaluation, which would determine if they were fit to own guns. Since the 2002 adjustment of its gun laws, Germany has added additional laws to ensure that the public remains safe.

China enforces strict gun control policies and penalties for illegal gun ownership. Most citizens within the People’s Republic of China cannot legally own firearms without being part of some sort of organization that has the government’s approval. The worst of the penalties for gun trafficking or illegal gun ownership can be death.

Though the success of gun control laws may vary based on a country’s location, population, and government, there are several countries with successful gun control laws. The countries on this list are a few of several other countries that have seen success with their gun control regulations.