According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there are over 18 million veterans currently living in the United States. Among these, approximately 40,000 are considered homeless on any given night. In addition to this issue, there are also other challenges that veterans face, such as addiction issues and healthcare needs that go beyond ordinary civilians. Some require physical therapy for injuries sustained in battle or ongoing mental health treatment for PTSD. Understandably, it is also sometimes difficult for veterans to return to a traditional lifestyle after serving in a war. For this reason, they may have great difficulty in obtaining and maintaining steady employment. There are a number of reasons that veterans need benefits all across America. Throughout history, there have been several laws that have been written and enhanced in order to provide veterans with the help they need to reacclimate into society and life meaningful, dignified lives. 


Disability compensation is available tax-free every month for veterans who were injured or developed a disease during their period of service. In the event of death, family members are compensated. Additionally, special compensation may be paid if the servicemember requires additional medical expenses.


The VA provides extensive healthcare benefits to veterans, including lifelong dental treatments and therapy for injuries sustained while on active duty. Long-term care needs are also met through the Aid and attendance program. This covers assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or caregiver support.


Returning servicemembers who fulfill the requirements for the GI bill are entitled to education benefits. The GI bill can also provide for the cost of vocational training or certification courses. There are different programs based on the type of service and each program has a different deadline for when the benefits must be used. If they qualify, the veteran can have a certain amount of in-state tuition paid in addition to a monthly housing allowance and books and supplies. The veteran can also transfer their privilege to a spouse or a child.


For the veterans who meet the criteria, they can receive low-interest VA home loans for building, purchasing, or repairing a home. If veterans encounter financial difficulty, they can apply for specialized repayment assistance. The VA also maintains a list of homes that have gone into foreclosure, allowing purchases of certain properties at a discounted rate.


The Department of Veterans Affairs also helps injured veterans prepare for and maintain employment through job searching, training sessions, and continuing education. The American Corporate Partners group is a nonprofit organization that works to bring companies and veterans together. The mission is to transition veterans back into society through sustainable and satisfactory employment. All skills that were learned during a veteran’s time in service will be assessed and taken into account upon evaluation. In addition to job placement, veterans also receive specialized training and access to mentorships.