Many families have lost their loved ones because of gun crimes. As a result, many organizations have been formed to reduce the vice. Firearms regulations are laws set to control gun manufacture, vending, transfer, ownership, alteration, or usage by citizens. The following are organizations for gun safety.

The Brady Campaign

The Brady Campaign was renamed in 2001 in honor of Jim Brady. It has been in existence since 1974, and it’s non-profit. Its motive is to constitute a safer America by reducing gun deaths by ensuring the ordinary laws are put into action.

Everytown for Gun Safety

Everytown is an organization that interrogates those who want to own guns. It follows the laws and doesn’t support domestic abusers from purchasing them. Its objective is to help National Rifle Association (NRA). The organization was formed in 2013 and conducts research on the stimulation of gun crimes and how to reduce it.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Moms Demand Action is an organization formed to help fight for citizens’ safety measures by regulating harsher gun laws. It conducts events to spread awareness, works with other communities and business people to motivate a culture of trustworthy gun possession.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence ensures all laws are followed and helps to avoid suicides. It creates awareness to the citizens about the representatives that support the NRA. It assists in decreasing gun crimes through teachings and constitutions. It’s a non-profit organization formed in 1974.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

New Yorkers against Gun Violence‘s objective is to guard the youth against gun violence. They aim at decreasing gun crimes through laws and programs that guide to take action and dominate public belief, leading to change. Besides, it conducts an after-school course for the youth to develop leadership skills.


Giffords was known as Americans for Responsible Solutions and was founded by a congresswoman named Gabby Giffords. She started the organization with her husband, and together, they do thorough interrogation on gun owners. It also researches the purpose and consequences of gun crimes.

Gun control organizations are formed for a good cause. Citizens of America should join, support, and donate to these organizations to help reduce gun violence.