The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has put veterans in a challenging situation. Apart from having a high chance of being infected with the virus, they are also at an increased risk of getting other health complications as they face lockdown. Therefore, they need to remain safe, sane, and entertained to overcome psychological, emotional, and mental challenges experienced during the pandemic. The following are vital tips veterans should embrace while in quarantine:

Stay Informed

Veterans should stay informed on the occurrences happening across the globe. Breaking news and the day’s event will help reduce boredom during the quarantine. One caveat is that they should not be overwhelmed with the global happenings as it might be unhealthy for them. 

Regularly Take Walks

Physicians recommend walking because it strengthens bones, helps maintain weight, improves mood, strengthens muscles, enhances balance and coordination, and prevents chronic diseases like high blood pressure, and diabetes. Walking 5-6 miles a day can even help prevent arthritis by triggering joints’ lubrication. Proper form is encouraged with any form of exercise, however, so hold the head upright with the neck, back, and shoulder relaxed in an upright posture. 

Engage in Workouts and Yoga

Aerobic workouts and yoga reduce boredom and frustrations by improving blood circulation and increasing the heart rate. Even without a gym membership, home workouts require only internet access. There are thousands of bodyweight and exercise videos on Youtube, fitness apps, or any other online source.

Find Other Entertainment

Veterans may get entertained by listening to music, watching films, or reading magazines, newspapers, or novels. Listening to music also makes you feel better by reducing stress, inducing sleep, and motivating exercise. It’s hard for veterans to visit concerts during the pandemic, but you can still enjoy music in the comfort of home. Veterans can also access films from sources such as DVDs, television or subscribe to online movie providers like Netflix, My Family Life, IMAX, and Amazon Prime.

Connect with family and friends

Human beings are social creatures, and veterans should connect with family and friends, either physically or through communication channels such as phone calls or virtual calls. With technological advancement, veterans can connect with their loved ones through Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, WhatsApp Call, and FaceTime.