One of the best places you can get a job after you leave the military is the federal government. They offer excellent benefits and job security, and they usually let you continue to develop the skills you learned in the military. Beyond that, nearly one-third of the federal government is made up of veterans, if that says anything about what a great place to work it is. In fact, government agencies must give veterans preference over other applicants when hiring by law, giving even more reason to explore this option as a career. Of course, you’re not guaranteed a job just because you’re a veteran, but there are ways you can improve your odds. Here are a few tips that can help you land a federal job as a veteran.

Create a Profile

The USAJOBS website is the federal government’s main hub when it comes to looking for a federal job. The website lists and accepts job applications, making searching for a job a breeze. The downside is that making a profile on the site so you can actually apply can be very time-consuming. In addition to the profile, you need to make sure you have your DD-214 and other official paperwork which documents your military service, training, and discharge. Other perks of the site include the ability to create several different resumes and sending email alerts when positions that fit your interest open up.

Think About Agencies That Hire More Vets

A great way to raise your chances of getting a federal job is to focus on agencies that tend to hire more veterans. One of those agencies would be the Department of Defense, which employed more than 324,000 vets in 2017. Another agency to check out is the Veterans Affairs Department, which as almost 124,000 veteran employees. It can also be a good idea to think about whether you have any friends from your time in the military who work for federal agencies, and if they can help you get a job as well.

Get Ready For Competition

While you may get preference as a veteran, there will still be plenty of job competition. Other vets will likely be applying for the same position you are, all with their own preference advantage that may be better than yours. There are many unemployed veterans in the country, which raises the chances that you’ll be up against a lot of other potential employees. One way to get an edge against the competition is by detailing any military training that could potentially be relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Getting a job as a veteran in the United States isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of options. It’s wise to check out the federal government if you’re looking for a solid career that allows you to put your military abilities to the test.