Military One Source provides numerous options for veterans and families seeking aid and mental health services. In addition, sexual assault helplines are available 24/7 and provide assistance in finding resources and support. As with many of these resources, this service is confidential.

The military crisis line provides this service for service members, veterans, and their families at no cost. For survivors of traumatic brain injuries and veterans with PTSD, there are services that provide specialized equipment and financial assistance, and rehabilitation services. In addition, many programs are committed to awareness and research to produce better services for veterans and their families. There are 24-hour hotlines and programs invested in spreading abuse awareness for survivors of domestic and child abuse. The Family Advocacy Program is dedicated to providing further aid to survivors of abuse.

Military TRICARE and NIMH provide assistance for numerous mental health disorders. For those struggling with substance abuse, there are also assistance programs within each branch of the military as well as resources to locate treatment centers and counseling services. These resources take into account inpatient, outpatient, and special financial situations. The Department of Defense Deployment Health Clinical Center provides the condensed list of resources for service members and their families and a mental health assessment program that provides assistance for mental health and substance abuse situations. The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) provides resources for homeless veterans, connections for veterans dealing with mental health disorders, connections for service member families, as well as a number of counseling and improvement programs.

Another primary resource for veterans is Mental Health America (MHA). This site provides screening for many mental health disorders and circumstances. The National Resource Directory connects wounded warriors, veterans, and their families with national, state, and local resources for better accessibility. Moving Forward is a government-based program that helps veterans and their loved ones overcome different challenges, such as managing stress, budgeting, finances, and both mental and physical health issues. Veterans Moving Forward (VMF) has made it their mission to become the premier non-profit organization to improve the lives of veterans needing service. Services they provide include therapy dogs and counseling.