Veterans are people who have served in the Armed Forces, regardless of whether they fought in any battles. In America, there are over 18 million veterans, some with severe disabilities and housing problems. 

There are over 40,000 homeless veterans in the United States. Most of them receive assistance through non-profit organizations such as AMVETS and the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. A great way to support both local and national veterans is to support any group listed on the VA websites. There are also organizations that are fighting for the rights of veterans to protect against evictions and foreclosures.

Recognition can also go a long way. It’s important to show those who protected America, even just by enlisting, that they deserve respect. There are many ways to publicly thank veterans on social media and through GoFundMe fundraisers. 

There are also more personal touches you can provide, such as visiting veterans in nursing facilities or veteran hospitals. Human contact is sometimes the greatest gift we can give someone, and it also shows that you value them enough to spend your time this way. Many people have found joy in pet therapy. Bringing a therapy dog to visit veteran facilities is another way to provide comfort. 

Another great way to show support is to honor veterans by providing transportation via a transportation network. Many veterans are elderly and need to get to doctor’s offices and grocery stores. By providing a dignified mode of transportation, you can help them live more meaningful lives. If you personally know of a neighbor who is a veteran, they might need help with simple tasks. Volunteer to help with any chores or repairs to show your gratitude. Bringing homemade meals is another great way to say thanks. Not only will it save them money, but it will also mean that someone cares enough to provide a homecooked meal.

It is an unfortunate part of our history that not all of our veterans were welcomed home equally. Vietnam war veterans were never given a fair reception, so thanking any veteran for their service, especially a Vietnam war veteran, will mean everything to them.