A recent court ruling may carry a huge amount of weight when it comes to future discussions of gun violence in America. Cody Wilson, who describes himself as an anarchist, is interested in posting and profiting off blueprints to guns that can be 3D printed. Many politicians have been worried about the implications of these blueprints. Although it is technically legal to manufacture guns in your home in the United States, the consequences of these recent legal decisions could have major ramifications. After all, many gun crimes are solved because authorities are able to trace bullets—and weapons themselves—back to the people who originally purchased them. This will not be the case with 3D guns. With unmarked guns and bullets flying around, it will be next to impossible to figure out exactly who committed a crime.

Experts believe that the real damage may not be seen for years to come. After all, it is still fairly expensive for people to assemble guns at home. When more affordable parts start to come down the pike—which experts believe may occur in five to ten years—there will even be more cause for concern. As many gun violence experts have stated, this will give people unprecedented access to creating their own firearms. With gun violence already an epidemic in the U.S.—school shootings have dominated the headlines for the past year—many are worried that young, impressionable children could get their hands on these blueprints and wreak havoc. Furthermore, no background checks will be required for those who are downloading the plans and constructing guns. It is a true perfect storm; with no barriers to entry and no way to know who made a gun, law enforcement officials are worried about the seemingly inevitable consequences of this terrifying combination.

Although the ruling is allowing the 3D gun plans to be posted and sold online, it does not preclude states from creating their own laws to address the crisis. Lawmakers in Washington, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have expressed their grave concern over the issue, as well as their plans to combat the online distribution of these weapon plans. With the clock ticking as these blueprints are downloaded from the internet, the inevitability of the first 3D gun murder has struck and disturbed many.