When a soldier leaves active service, they often try to find ways they can still stay involved in the military community. Being in the military is almost like a lifestyle, and once you’ve been apart of it, you’ll likely not want to stop being involved. Veterans will often find nonprofits in their area where they can volunteer and continue trying to make a difference, even if they’re no longer serving. When groups like that don’t exist, some veterans will go above and beyond in order to launch nonprofits that will help make a difference and an impact. Some groups focus on helping currently active members of the military, some focus on veterans in our country who no longer serve, and others do a mix of both. Below are a few great nonprofit organizations in the United States that are working to create a lasting impact on their communities.

Foundation for Women Warriors

The Foundation for Women Warriors (FFWW)  wasn’t always known as that. Founded in 1920, the group originally began as the California Widows Housing Association. Back then, the group felt a need to help the widows and mothers of soldiers who lost their lives in the Spanish American War, as well as World War I., Fast forward to 2006, and the group chose to shift its focus to women veterans who were returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The group aims to enhance the economic well-being of women veterans through professional development, childcare assistance, and financial assistance, ultimately honoring and empowering their future.

Green Beret Foundation

The Green Beret Foundation is a group that is specific to helping the Army and aims to assist its community and their families by giving them support during the transition out of active service, injuries or any other difficulties that may have occurred due to multiple deployments. The group was formed by Aaron Anderson, a Special Forces Warrior who was wounded in battle, back in 2009. Over the past 10 years, the group has been able to grow in many ways, from size to support to impact, and has been able to provide assistance financially, physically and emotionally for veterans and their families. 

Warrior Reunion Foundation

The Warrior Reunion Foundation is a much younger nonprofit than the other two on this list, but that doesn’t take away from the impact its been able to have on veterans across the country. This group was originally formed by two Marine combat veterans in 2017, and their mission is all about giving combat veterans the opportunity to reunite, reminisce and recover together. Members of the military are typically put into units that get deployed together, and when working together in that capacity, unbreakable bonds are formed. Once they leave active service, it can sometimes be hard to reunite with their unit members. This group offers reunions for units deployed together for free, as well as providing resources that allow for a smooth transition as well as helping them heal from trauma connected to their time service. In the three years since the group was founded, they’ve been able to reunite over 650 combat veterans.