For the past couple of years, businesses have been hiring veterans due to the various skills they have. These skills have been learned through years of military training and work. What are these skills, though?

Fortunately, they aren’t too hard to learn if you listen to enough veterans. Check out these lessons you can learn by working with a veteran.


It’s a common trope that leaders are those born with that mindset. However, someone in the military can tell you that you can learn how to be a leader over time. Being a leader means that you will have to manage employees through various methods like checking on deadlines, ensuring budgets are ok and more. There are a few common traits that also exemplify a leader outside the workplace.

For example, a leader should always take full responsibility for anything that happened due to him or any of the team members they have to look over. Leaders also have to find other methods of getting a task down if traditional methods don’t work out. Just make sure you talk to veterans more if you want to understand what it means to be a leader.


If you want to look strong, you might give yourself an image that nothing breaks you at all. This imagery can hurt you a lot if you’re looking to run a business, as you’ll often find that companies need to get help from others if they are looking to survive. Showing that you have a layer of vulnerability will help you lead a business better than you ever have had before.

This advice also explains why one should be talking to veterans all of the time. By showing a bit of vulnerability, someone might be more willing to give you the advice you need when they see that you’re willing to be open about whatever they have to say. It will also help you talk to other businesses that might have the same problems but are too afraid to speak up about them. Overall, showing a layer of vulnerability is essential if you want to make it in the world of business.