Nearly 1,300 children in Las Vegas are considered homeless. Out of that number, almost 90% do not have a bed to sleep in at a shelter. This puts the city of Vegas right below Santa Clara City in California as having the second highest rate of childhood homelessness. Fortunately, a handful of agencies, local to the Las Vegas region, are participating in a 100-Day Challenge On Youth Homelessness. HUD and its affiliated charities started the fund back in the middle of November and plan on raising money until around March. Together, they plan on mitigating youth homelessness and providing shelter and bedding for children who are homeless.

Both St. Jude’s and the Nevada Partnership For Homeless Youth have adjoined the initiative, along with the Clark County Department of Social Services. The city of Las Vegas is only the third location to undergo the youth homelessness challenge. Former participants include Austin, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio, and Los Angeles, California. Through the program, hundreds of homeless children have found either homes or shelters, getting off the street and into a warm place to stay for the night.

The program’s goals include preventing homeless for children who are at risk, as well as housing kids under 25 years of age who are homeless. Through roommate matching parties and by helping homeless youth secure their own apartments, the initiative is constantly innovating ways to help homeless children find a way to safety and stability. The first 50 days of the challenge were spent establishing the infrastructural factors needed to achieve their goals. Participating companies in the challenge expect to see real results during the final 50 days, however.

These organizations are still looking for property owners and landlords who are willing to repurpose their shelters for the homeless children to live in. If you know anyone with an adequate living space for some or even one of these children in Las Vegas, make sure to call The Crossings at 702-998-1922. Alternatively, any party from anywhere in the United States can donate to the cause at the official website of the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.

There are many ways we can all help the homeless children in every city, not just Las Vegas. Donate to your own local charities and food banks. Volunteer and homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Every small effort helps.