As gun violence becomes more of an everyday occurrence in America, many concerned citizens are wondering what they can do to fight for stricter gun control and stop the bloodshed. Here are four ways that everyday people can lend a hand in the fight:

GIVE WITH YOUR WALLET: It takes money to fight the lobbyists and politicians working against reasonable gun control measures. There is no shortage of respectable organizations fighting hard to promote awareness of gun control issues while working to pass responsible legislation designed to curb gun violence. A few groups to consider supporting financially are the Brady Campaign, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Everytown for Gun Safety.

CONTACT ELECTED OFFICIALS: This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a difference in the fight for stricter gun control. The first step is calling out politicians who continually accept donations for their campaign coffers from the NRA. By putting pressure on them to stop this practice, you will send the strong message that letting this powerful lobbying group have too much sway in the policy landscape is not acceptable. Concerned citizens should also reach out to all elected officials to let them know their desire for stronger gun control measures, regardless of whether the official accepts NRA money.

GET OUT THERE AND DEMONSTRATE: As more people become disheartened by the incidences of gun violence in this country, there are more and more demonstrations taking place to protest the situation. By participating in these demonstrations, you can prove that there is strength in numbers and that citizens will not be silenced in their demands for stricter gun control. Participating in these demonstrations becomes even more important during critical election cycles because it sends a clear message to politicians that this is the will of the American people.

TALK, TALK, TALK: Social media is a gamechanger when it comes to influencing policy in America. Concerned citizens have learned that harnessing the power of social media can provide lasting and real results in the fight for gun control. A few ways to get the word out include sharing important stories and graphics through Facebook and Instagram and using Twitter to get the attention of influential businesses and politicians.