Artificial intelligence has impacted practically every industry in some way, shape or form. The law industry is just one of those industries. AI can help make law firms more productive, allowing them to spend more time on the things that matter. Lawyers like Andrew Arruda constantly advocate about how artificial intelligence can not only help lawyers get better results for their clients but also become better lawyers. Here are a few ways in which law firms can benefit from AI.


Legal research can be time-consuming. The benefit of artificial intelligence is that it can cut a lot of the research time completely out. For example, ROSS Intelligence has the ability to read over a million pages of law in only one second. It can help lawyers find the specific passages they need with little trouble, allowing them to focus on other things. When research takes less time, that’s less time that lawyers need to charge for, ultimately saving clients money and making them happier. AI can also be used to quickly find background information, which leads to faster arbitration and litigation proceedings.

Reviewing Documents

Artificial intelligence is great for improving document analysis efficiency. AI software is able to review documents, mark them relevant to a case, and then find other documents that are also relevant. Since machines are faster than humans at this sort of thing, it relieves the human side of the equation from having to review every single document and only focus on what’s truly required. 

Predicting Legal Outcomes

Clients commonly ask their lawyers the probability of whether or not they’ll win a case, or if they should just choose to settle. Artificial intelligence has access to years of trial data, and this allows them to make a prediction on what the outcome of the case might be. While this is only a prediction and can’t guarantee an outcome, it’s great to have that insight so lawyers are better able to assist their clients.

Automating Divorce

Certain legal situations, such as divorce, can take a lot of time as well as cost a lot of money. Companies such as Wevorce exist to not only shorten the amount of time but to save clients money as well. Wevorce uses AI in order to help couples determine their “optimal outcomes” while also walking them through modules and the critical decisions that might need to be made so everyone walks away happy. Of course, legal experts are available in case something comes up which the AI machine can’t handle.