You probably see veterans all of the time. They’re practically everywhere, whether they be young or old, and many of them are often seen sporting some sort of veteran or military-themed attire. When you do see these veterans, one of the best things you can do is thank them for their service. By doing so, you’ll likely be able to make a huge difference in their day or in some circumstances, their life. Even the smallest amount of gratitude can go a long way, so here are a few great ways you can go about thanking our veterans.

Buy A Vet A Meal

Sometimes you’ll notice a veteran in a restaurant, or in worse situations, homeless on the side of the road. A great way to thank them is to buy them a meal, especially if they’re homeless. When you see a homeless vet, it can be hard to find out if their veteran claim is actually legitimate, but that shouldn’t matter. Buying them a meal and thanking them for their service is always the right thing to do.

Send Cards To Every Vet You Know

With so many veterans in the United States, chances are you know a veteran even if you think you don’t. A great way to thank them is by sending them a card that says so! Whether it’s a relative, a family member or just an acquaintance, there’s bound to be someone. If you’re really struggling to think of a person, you can likely write a card to any veteran and give it to a veteran group, where they can send it out to one of their many vets.

Fly Your Flag

One of the easiest ways to thank veterans is by hanging an American Flag outside your home. You can wait to do this during a holiday like the 4th of July or Memorial Day, but you don’t have to! Having your flag up, in general, is a great way to show any veterans that pass your home that you’re grateful for the service they’ve provided our country.


Dozens of veteran organizations exist all over the country, and they’re constantly looking for volunteers or donations to help them out. A great way to thank veterans far and wide is to help out where you can at these groups. It might be handing out food at an event, or spreading flyers around town. Anything will be enough, and you’ll be thanking veterans all over.