Practically every industry needs lawyers. Sometimes it’s for generic legal issues, but other times it’s for more specialized ones, specific to whatever industry is involved. A great example is a real estate lawyer. Real estate lawyers deal in multiple aspects of real estate, some more specific to the industry itself than others. Here are some common types of litigation you might see in the real estate industry.


When foreclosures occur, it usually means that a lender is trying to get back the loan they gave to a borrow, specifically because they’ve stopped making payments. In order to remedy this, the property must be sold in order to get the money owed to the lender. Before the house can be sold, certain procedures must be carried out such as going to the Court of Common Pleas. This is where having a real estate lawyer for assistance can be useful.


You’ve likely head of Easement, even if you didn’t know what it was called. Easement is the legal right to use or cross someone else’s property for some specific reason. Examples include utility easements such as a telephone line or a gas line. Sometimes it’s as simple as a fence crossing over to your neighbor’s property. It’s wise to have a lawyer for easement cases, as sometimes they can affect you as a homeowner, such as restricting you from doing something to your property that would otherwise be fine to do.

Quiet Title

Quiet titles are used when someone owns a property but wants to make sure that nobody else can come in and say otherwise. This happens with mortgages, easement, fraudulent activity and much more. If you want to make sure claims like that are considered invalid, speak to a real estate lawyer about what you can do.

Disputes With Real Estate Agents/Brokers

Similar to officials in other industries, such as wealth management, real estate agents are often held up to a certain standard. Many clients claim that their real estate agents never reached that standard, causing the client to suffer some sort of loss, whether it be financially or something else. Common claims for this form of litigation include errors and omissions, breach of fiduciary duty, and unwarranted pressure to buy a house the client doesn’t want.

Plenty of other types of real estate litigation exist. There are practically unlimited problems that can arise when buying or selling a property, so having a real estate agent present is in your best interest.