Books have the power to do so many things. They can transport us to completely different worlds, teach us about things we didn’t know and put us in someone else’s shoes so we can get a better understanding of something we’ve never experienced before. One example of this is reading books about veterans or being in the military, all of which are typically written by veterans. If you’re a veteran or someone who wants to better understand what a veteran goes through, check out a few of these books.

Raising Men – Eric Davis

Author Eric Davis is a 16-year military veteran and Navy Seal instructor who has seen his fair share of action. Davis was a young parent of 2 children when he left for SEAL training, which caused him to realize he couldn’t fail at being a parent. Davis used his own SEAL training as the basis for raising his kids and decided the next course of action would be to write about it. Davis, who is also color blind, decided that he had to go through life with an attitude of “leading from the front” in order to create the proper work-life balance, and he’s used this mentality both as a parent and as a Navy SEAL.

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

David Goggins has been around the block. He’s been a Navy SEAL, an Army Ranger, an Air Force Tactical Controller and so much more. Before finding all of this success, Goggins had accepted something else: failure. This book is all about how Goggins came from a life growing up in an unhealthy environment and how that affected his mental wellbeing, to how he became a decorated war hero and got past all of the stereotypes and bad habits he had picked up on throughout his life.

Reaper Threat Zero – Nicholas Irving

Author Nicholas Irving is known as one of the best snipers in the history of the United States, having served in the Ranger Regiment. Irving has been deployed 5 times and has faced many challenges which have earned him the nickname “reaper” due to his success. Now that he’s left the military, Irving has put his focus on helping veterans have an easier time transitioning out of the military and does so through his writing among other things.